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Thickened Velvet Warm Soft-Soled Dog Shoes

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The Thickened Velvet Warm Soft-Soled Dog Shoes are the perfect choice for your adorable pets. To improve how well the shoes stay on the paws, tighten the straps as far as you can. Rubber sole with a non-slip surface offers traction and stability. A soft, non-stuffy foot and breathable fabric are used to make the upper.


  • Type: Dog

More About The Product:

Canine Anti-Slip Boots: Dog shoes and booties are comfortable for paws and shield canine claws from glass, hot pavement, and sharp thorns. The footwear may make it simpler for dogs to stand on wooden surfaces. Moreover, shoes can shield dogs' paws from harm by rocks, thorns, and other environmental hazards.

The Shoes Are Adjustable: Easy to put on and take off, these dog shoes are secured with luminous straps that increase visibility and make it possible for your canine companion to stroll securely at night. The stretchable fabric is used on the top of the dog shoes so that the dog may put them on and take them off with ease.

Dogs' Breathable Paw Protection: Your dog's paws are sensitive and prone to injury, just like your own, especially if you take them out for activities like running, trekking, or for extended periods of time in inclement weather. Avoid having your dog's nails scratch your hardwood floors, cars, or guests. Excellent for preventing wounds and injuries while engaging in activity and resting. Avoid sweating while stopping chewing and licking.

Durable Sole: Dog boots that are sturdy and waterproof offer good stability and traction and successfully stop medium- and large-sized dogs from slipping. To protect dog paws from hot pavement and hardwood floors, the soles are constructed from durable, high-quality textiles.

Comfortable And Waterproof: You don't need to clean or dry the dog's paws since these dog boots can keep the dog's feet dry and clean and the waterproof sole keeps the dog's paws warm and comfortable on rainy days. These dog shoes are simple to use and simple to clean. Dog paws are efficiently shielded from a variety of external situations by dog shoes, which are soft and comfy.

Size Chart:

Size Width (In cm) Length (in cm)
1 2.7 2.9
2 2.8 3.5
3 3.1 4
4 3.5 4.8
5 4.8 6