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Marine Aquarium Wave Maker

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The Marine Aquarium Wave Maker is an essential tool for creating beautiful, natural-looking waves in your marine aquarium. This easy-to-use device attaches to the side of your aquarium and creates gentle, realistic waves that will bring your marine life to life. The wave maker is also great for aerating your aquarium and helping to circulate water and improve filtration.


  • Power: 16W
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Material:- Plastic

More About The ProductPerformance: Aquarium air pump that uses less electricity, has a large output, and extended service life while operating quietly and efficiently.

Easy Usage: This little air pump may be linked to the included air stone, which produces bubbles, to provide added appeal and air to your beautiful fish and aquarium.

Compact Design: When mounted on a wall, its small size will conserve space. It has soft anti-vibration feet that decrease pump friction and can more effectively absorb sound.

Multi-Functional: Air pumps are used with aquarium air-driven add-ons including air stones, decorations, and tiny sponge filters. The rising air bubbles may also be used to stir the water and add oxygen so that the fish and other creatures in your aquarium can breathe.


Voltage Watts Max.(L/H) Tank Size (Cm)
Tank Thickness (mm)
DC 24V 10W 4000 <60 <8
DC 24V 20W 10000 60-100 <12
DC 24V 30W 13000 100-150 <15
DC 24V 10W 4000 <60 <8
DC 24V 20W 10000 60-100 <12
DC 24V 30W 13000 100-150 <15