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Bird Feeder Tube Hanging With Feeding Ports

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This Bird Feeder Tube Hanging With Feeding Ports come with lift-off lids for easy refilling and cleaning for quick refills. The clear bird feeder allows you to clearly see the amount of seed left inside and quickly replenish them when they run out. It Will keep your bird feeders and seeds clean and attract more birds.
You can use it all year round, and since it's made of stainless steel + PVC, you can keep it for years, even at low temperatures, and still provide healthy food that little birds will love.

A quality gift for parents, nature lovers, and children. Maintaining bird feeders by making sure they are well stocked with bird food is an enjoyable activity that is perfect for keeping older people busy or teaching younger people their duties. The joy that comes from feeding hungry animals is priceless.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Type: BIRDS
  • Feature: Automatic

More About The Product:

Our View Point: We have concentrated on studying and creating a hanging wild bird feeder. This is wild bird food for outside feeders and squirrel-proof bird feeders.

Usage: The bird feeder is hung in the garden or under the eaves after the wild bird seeds, sunflower seeds for birds, safflower bird seeds, etc. are placed within.

Ready To Use: Arrives completely put together and prepared to hang. The birdfeeder's circular dome has an inclination to protect birds from the sun and rain.