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Fall Frenzy ! | Use Code: FALL10
Fall Frenzy ! | Use Code: FALL10

Biodegradable Pet Garbage Bag

Original price $21.99 - Original price $53.99
Original price
$21.99 - $53.99
Current price $21.99

This Biodegradable Pet Garbage Bag is a must-have if you have a pet. The bags are made from the most sustainable material to keep their environment friendly, Plus, They can be easily decomposed which makes them another go-to option. This biodegradable bag comes in a variety of packages to choose and also 2 different styles.

Features :

  • Type: Dog
  • Item Type: Bags

More About The Product:

Environmentally friendly: To sustain a healthy environment we need to keep it safe and we can do that by keeping our surroundings clean. We aim to help you with that and make our atmosphere fresh around us.

Easy-To-Use: We try to keep our products as simple as we can so that our customers find them easy to use. With a simple process to use these cleaning products, we tend to give you the best we can. 

Easy To Recycle: All the products are made from easy-to-recycle materials. This helps us take a step forward in eco-friendly manufacturing. We work to provide a better living space for you and your pet.